Akira movie 2016 free download hd 720p. Akira lives in a residential community India her dad had shown her to battle for privileges of ladies at exceptionally youthful age she is placed in remand home for a unintentional crime. 14 years after the fact Akira and her mom move to Mumbai at her sibling’s place and she takes confirmation in Holy Cross College and begins living in inn where she is badgering by kindred understudies yet Akira battles back, Acp Rane is a degenerate cop who alongside his kindred officers slaughters a man on Panvel interstate after they discovered immense aggregate of cash in his auto, Maya a keep of Rane records his telephone call to extort him however her convenient cam gets stolen by an understudy of Holy Cross College who coerces him ,Rane’s kindred officers watch out for the undergrads captures Akira supposing she has the recorded video, while Rane’s man are going to execute Akira and the two men whom Maya had demonstrated Rane’s video ,Rane calls his associate Rajeshwar and Manek requesting that they leave Akira as they have gotten wrong female,Rane then advises Manek to murder Akira …



Akira movie 2016 free download hd 720p

Quality: 720p

File size : 1.2 GB

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