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Download Hindi Medium 2017 Dvdrip full HD movie Raj Batra runs a successful brand in downtown Delhi. Despite being rich, he is not highly educated and is not fluent in English or considered ‘upper class culture’, his wife Mita is expected. Both of them have studied from government run ‘Hindi medium’ school, which are not known for high quality sophistication. Mita expressed her desire that her five-year-old daughter Piya should break this barrier and she is strong enough to enter one of the top five schools in Delhi. They visit all 5 schools and get acquainted with the admissions process. There is a condition in the top school of ‘Delhi Gramer School’ that they give admission to the students of radius of 3 kms. For this, they migrate to Spring Vihara. Raj is very sad to leave his paternal home.

Later they realize that parents are interviewed for admission and they are not ready for that. They go to a consultant who gives them a conference and pia for a visit. Rajeev did not prepare to give full answers to the questions in the interview as it happens and was unknowingly exposed. As a result, they can not get admission in any schools. The consultant later informs them that they are not very educated, schools may have seen this as a negative point. Raj tries to do all the plans to get into ‘Prakruti’. He meets impressive politicians, tries to bribe the chief with the money of the donation. None of their tricks are successful.

Disappointed, when they come with a dessert from their employees, they relax at home and are distributing sweets because their daughter gets admission in ‘Prakruti’. Raj and Mita are completely shocked. They do not believe that their employees who earn less from them, and less educated than them, have got admission. They ask him how it happened. It turns out that his daughter has got admission in the RTE (Right to Education) quota, which is specifically reserved for the students coming from the lower level of the society. Raj had sent him to ‘Prakruti’ to get his form for the daughter, and at the same time he also got an enrollment form for his daughter.


Hindi Medium 2017 Dvdrip Full HD Movie Download

 Hindi Medium 2017 Dvdrip Full HD Movie Download

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