Raman Raghav 2 2016 movie download hd 720p Raman Raghav was a savage criminal in the 60s. He threatened the city with his merciless killings. In 2015, Mumbai finds a comparative insane person in Ramanna. The sensationalist newspapers mark him as stoneman. The initial few killings he confers is with a stone. On the night of his first murder, a cocaine fanatic comes searching for his supply. Only a couple days after the fact, Ramanna surrenders to the police. The man who investigates him is a similar cocaine junkie. The cops don’t purchase his story and henceforth they bolt him up, beat him and don’t give him sustenance. A cluster of young men discover Ramanna a couple days after the fact and free him. Raman Raghav 2 2016 movie download hd 720p The man loses his cool. He discovers his next prey in his own sister. She lives in a lower white collar class family unit with her better half and child. In the appearance of being eager, he enters her home. At the point when her significant other rankles him, he leaves home in an attack of fierceness. He returns as Ramanna the executioner and assaults the family, murdering them all. At the point when Raghavan comes to examine, he and his group locate an old picture of Ramanna and his sister and attempt to follow a connection. In the mean time, Raghavan is in an open association with a lady named Simy. She experiences three premature births for him, since he can’t focus on her…….


Raman Raghav 2 2016 movie download hd 720p

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